20 Years of Scillyflowers

Basket of Scented Narcissi on the beach at Great Bay

Way back in 1987, Andrew and Hilary Julian moved to the beautiful island of St. Martin’s in the Scilly Isles and soon after bought the 27 acre Churchtown Farm. Initially a wholesale farm, in 1992 the Julians decided to start sending gift boxed flowers using Royal Mail and Scent from the Islands was born. We celebrate 20 years of sending Scented Narcissi and Scented PInks to our customers this year. To really get into the spirit of things, every week 5 customers will be randomly chosen and we will send their flowers for FREE.

Jars of Scented Pinks

In 2002, Andrew and Hilary’s son Ben and his wife Zoe took over Churchtown Farm and have carried on growing the business – excuse the pun! Today over 90,000 boxes of flowers are delivered by post across the UK every year. Scillyflowers specialise in growing Scented Pinks and Scented Narcissi outdoors, all year round. It’s the mild climate found on the Isles of Scilly that makes this possible. Between October and April, the winter crop of Scented Narcissi are grown. This is the traditional crop of the islands and fields of Narcissi can be found peppered across the landscape during the colder months. In May the Scented Pinks arrive, heralding summer, and if all is on schedule, flower through to the arrival of the Scented Narcissi in October.

Par Beach St Martins

St Martin’s is just 2 miles long and a 1/4 mile across, with a population of roughly 120 people. This small, friendly community is the hub for our family run flower farm. The island is bordered by beautiful beaches such as Par Beach (shown above) and family favourite Lawrence’s Bay, with the warm Gulf Stream providing a sub-tropical climate that provides both a wonderful holiday destination and makes growing flowers year round possible. The Scillonian economy is driven by tourism, farming and agriculture with flower farming playing an important role.

If you’d like to come and visit us at Churchtown Farm on St. Martin’s we have two charming granite holiday cottages to suit couples, small groups or families with stunning views across to the other Isles of Scilly. If you fancy a romantic break, a very British seaside holiday or even an Autumn or Winter getaway, we think you might just love this unique location.


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