The Scented Narcissi Season Begins

Well, it’s finally here. Our Scented Narcissi season is upon us. The winter crop is starting to come through nicely and we now have boxes of 30, 40 and 50 Narcissi available. The last of our Scented Pinks will be featured in our posy packs for the next couple of weeks, before we focus entirely on the Scented Narcissi.

Scented Narcissi from Scillyflowers

The change of crop always brings a sense of rejuvenation to the farm and the packing shed. When the first new Scented Narcissi were brought into the packing shed a few weeks ago for vase testing they were passed round, sniffed and greeted like long lost freinds. It makes for a complete sensual overhaul as the new crops dictate the colours and scents of the Scillyflowers environment.

Picking Scented Narcissi at Churchtown Farm

On Scilly Scented Narcissi grow naturally outdoors from October to April. Christmas and Mother’s Day dominate the calendar during this busy season, our regular customers love the fact that even when the rest of the country may be coated in a layer of frost, we are still growing and delivering beautiful bunches of scented flowers, adding a little touch of spring to homes across the nation. Flower farming is just like any other sort of farming – the weather and your crop need to work in tandem or things can get a little unpredictable. In order for us to keep up production and meet demand, we plant different varieties of Narcissi that flower at different times. We know that some of our customers are serious gardeners so you may be keen to find out more about our methods of growing Scented Narcissi. A separate blog post focussed on how we manage our crops will follow shortly and will hopefully answer any niggling green-thumbed questions.

White jug of Scented Narcissi

So, we head into another winter, surrounded by these beautiful flowers. For us, a jug or vase of fresh Scented Narcissi really marks the changing seasons as St Martin’s calms down after a busy summer of visitors and settles into its cosy winter persona, the weather turns and the small sheltered flower fields spring back into life.


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