Real Men Send Scented Narcissi on Valentine’s Day

Here on St. Martin’s, in the Isles of Scilly, we know for a fact that Real Men Send Scented Narcissi for Valentine’s Day. Our Churchtown Farm chaps are surrounded by sweet smelling Narcissi from October to March and as much as they don’t always appreciate their appeal when they are picking them in the teeth of an Atlantic gale, they would be the first to advocate sending them to the woman in your life to demonstrate how much you care.

We know that red roses are recognised as a universally appealing flower on (arguably) the most romantic day of the year, but we’d like to give a shout out to the Scented Narcissi as the perfect alternative to the familiar rose. This simple, delicate flower has an amazing scent and with each stem having several pretty flower heads, a vase of Scented Narcissi at this time of year cannot fail to lift the spirit.

Churchtown Farm Real Men with Scented Narcissi

Churchtown Farm Real Men with Scented Narcissi

Why do we give roses for Valentine’s Day? Well, traditionally roses are a symbol of love and passion, especially the red rose, but here on St. Martin’s we think the Scented Narcissi gives the rose a solid run for it’s money in more ways than one. Here are five good reasons why we think your loved one will be impressed by your gift of Scented Narcissi this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Naturally grown outdoors in our small sheltered fields – no artificial heat need.
  2. Low flower miles – these flowers flourish on the Isles of Scilly where they have been traditionally grown for over 100 years.
  3. Unique scent – just one vase will fill a room with a glorious perfume
  4. Synonymous with spring and new beginnings to banish the winter blues
  5. You will be demonstrating the art of ‘Creative and thoughtful present buying’. A highly prized skill that is sure to win you many brownie points.
Give the gift of Scented Narcissi on Valentine's Day

Give the gift of Scented Narcissi

So for all those clever men (or women) out there looking for a floral gift that says ‘I’ve put some serious thought into this’, look no further. If it helps, we are also offering a great deal on our flower packs right now, so you can add incredible value for money to the list above. Pop the offer code FN13 in the box on the left of our web site pages, before you select your flowers and we will send an extra 10 stems with your order. You’ve got nothing to lose, but an awful lot of credibility to gain!


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