Daffodils on St. David’s Day

So, whilst it is blatantly obvious that we are not in Wales, we still feel a strong connection with St. David’s Day, as many of our Welsh customers enjoy sending our Scented Narcissi to celebrate their national day. On March 1st every year, the Welsh celebrate the life of of the popular Dewi Sant (St. David), the 6th century monk who founded a monastery on the site of St. David’s Cathedral. During the 18th century it is believed that St. David’s feast day, already celebrated for centuries, became a national day.

Yellow Narcissi

At some point in relatively recent history, the daffodil replaced the leek as the national emblem of Wales and the corresponding appearance of the daffodil around the same time as St. David’s Day saw the connection gradually become widely accepted. Shakespeare had solidified the story of the Battle of Crécy in his 16th century play, Henry V, where it was told that Welsh archers, lead by the Prince of Wales, Edward the Black Prince, had fought bravely in a field of leeks against the French in 1346. The legend was that the leek became a symbol of bravery and loyalty and the Welsh would wear leeks in their caps each St. David’s Day. Certainly the daffodil looks and smells more attractive if you are going to be popping it in your hat, so we can see how it caught on.

In case you aren’t completely sure of the connection between Daffodils and Scented Narcissi, they are of the same genus. Daffodil, narcissus and jonquil are all common names for the same group of plants, so Scented Narcissi truly make genuine and special gifts for those Welsh friends and family who will be marking St. David’s Day in some way.

Scented Narcissi in ceramic jug

Here on Churchtown Farm, our team lay claim to very tenuous Welsh connections, including a widespread love of Gavin and Stacey (everybody), previous Welsh restaurant ownership (Nell), the conquering of Snowden (Vikki) and perhaps the most impressive, a husband’s great uncle who wrote the first Welsh opera (Ella). We know full well that this does not necessarily give us any Welsh authenticity, but as we are constantly surrounded by beautiful reminders of the day we can’t help but feel a bond with the Welsh on their national day.

If you would like to send some Scented Narcissi for St. David’s Day, you might take up our current special offer and send 10 extra flowers for FREE with your next order – just pop FN13 in the Offer Code box on the left before you start your shop.


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