A slightly delayed Christmas celebration….

So on Friday 26th April we finally had our Christmas party, crackers and all! With one thing and another our staff Christmas get together has been delayed this year. Our first dilemma was the venue. From late October the majority of the businesses on the island close down for the season, opening sporadically over the winter for ‘locals’ nights.’  In the past we have gone ‘off- island’ for our staff parties, however the strong winds have put a stop to any late evening boating so that wasn’t an option this time.

We have also had a staff change around over the last month with a few of our seasonal winter staff moving on and our new summer staff arriving. We have been trying to arrange the party at the right time to catch everyone! It is always nice for our new staff members to be here for our social events and have a chance to get to know everyone. However Teresa, who has travelled to Churchtown Farm from Portugal, was a little baffled as to why we were celebrating Christmas in April!

Finally Jackie got us all in gear and booked a table at ‘Adam’s Fish and Chips.’ For those of you who haven’t been to St. Martin’s, you may have seen the restaurant featured on the BBC’s Coast programme after they won a BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming award. As Adam catches the fish off the coast of St. Martin’s and his brother James grows the potatoes in the next door field, we definitely scored highly on low food miles!

Jackie surprised us all with two boxes of Christmas crackers, luckily the Post Office had some left over! Allie sported Reindeer ears, Vicky had a Santa hat and Natalie found a flashing Christmas tree broach so all in all, along with a few drinks, it didn’t take much to get in the Christmas spirit even at the end of April!



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