Enjoying the sunshine

Like many parts of the country we have been blessed with some gorgeous sunny days over the past couple of weeks. It has finally felt like Spring has arrived and we’ve been able to wear a sensible number of clothes. With an unusually cold late winter we’ve all been sporting extra thermals, body warmers, hats and gloves. With the warmer temperatures it has been nice not to resemble the Michelin Man!

The cows have been enjoying grazing in between the bluebells…


…sometimes even taking a moment to enjoy the view!


The island has begun to team with colour as the flowers have come into bloom. There have been lots of busy bees out and about.


Over the bank holiday weekend the islands hosted the 24th World Pilot Gig Championships. With 139 gigs registered and some lovely sunny weather the weekend was brilliant fun. Both the St. Martin’s crews were very pleased with their performances given a definite lack of training!


(Photograph courtesy of the Barefoot Photographer)

On the farm the boys have been busy repairing winter wind damage to the poly- tunnel. The look of frustration on Ben’s face says it all. Imagine cling wrapping a giant sandwich!


The weather did begin to turn towards the end of last week when the islands were hit by some strong gales. You can probably tell by the white horses that the sea was pretty rough!


Thanks to a warm burst of weather the boys have been able to start picking a few of our pinks.Image


Here Jeff and Matt are bringing in the first bundles from the fields ready to be sorted by the shed team. We still don’t have enough pinks to send in all of our postal flower boxes but if you would like a better idea of when we will be able to send them please call our office, 01720 422 169.

Our pinks fields desperately need some more sunshine and warmth to encourage their last growth spurt. We will keep you posted as to their progress but for now we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for some kind weather! 


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