Sue Lewington’s Scilly Flowers


Last week was ‘Art Scilly Week’ on the islands. Local artists came together on each of the islands to demonstrate their crafts and give the general public a chance to see how they work. There was also the opportunity for visitors on the islands to take part in workshops ranging from silk scarf printing to a beginners guide to acrylic painting.

On St. Martin’s we are lucky enough to have a very talented bunch of craftspeople. Fay and Rob demonstrated their silversmith skills, Caroline previewed her new pot buoy range of ceramics, Lanie showed her intricate oil painting talent and Morag displayed her Scilly inspired watercolours.

Well known Cornwall based artist and former St. Martin’s resident, Sue Lewington, came across for ‘Art Scilly Week’ to give watercolour demonstrations as well as spending a day doing portrait sketches, unsurprisingly this proved very popular! On Tuesday evening Sue also launched her new book aptly named ‘Scilly Flowers.’  The gorgeous journal documents the flowers that grow on the islands over the course of a year, painted in Sue’s distinctive style. Here we have scanned in a few of our favorite images; of course we particularly like the narcissi!





Art Scilly Week has proved very successful and a lot of fun, if you are interested in visiting next year you can contact the IOS tourist information who will be able to let you know the dates of Art Scilly Week 2014 once they have been confirmed. 


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