An island wedding

Wow, what a weekend! The weather here has been absolutely stunning as it has across many other parts of the country. However this weekend was particularly special as it was the wedding of our florist Steph and farm manager Jon. It was an absolutely wonderful day and a true island celebration!

Here at the farm the pressure was on as the preparations for the wedding flowers began. Steph’s brief was for the flowers to be bright, colourful and an eclectic mix of varieties and textures.

Having worked with so many different flowers Steph doesn’t have one favourite flower so there really was a mixture of everything. Jon on the other hand appreciates any flower that has already been picked so wasn’t fussy! We had a collection of local flowers such as sweet peas, foxgloves, honeysuckle, pinks and whistling jacks. Not all of the flowers were in season so we also brought in freesias, roses and peonies, just to name a few!

As well as constructing an array of bouquets and buttonholes, lots of jars and pots were filled with a selection of flowers to give a natural look. Table arrangements were placed in square cracked glass vases and these stunning giant martini glasses were filled to flank the hotel doors.

It was a true joint effort to get all of the flowers finished. There was a working party of islanders beavering away on Saturday, taking any job that needed doing from constructing a garland to hang on the boat to dusting the church. A special mention goes to Edna who spent a whole afternoon decorating these heart pew ends and to Rosie who ran around after everyone helping fill vases and prepare flower petal confetti.

As well as flowers there were lots other lovely touches such as the island tradition of gig paddles outside the church, homemade bunting hanging from the boat and the island ladies pulled out all of the stops baking cakes for an evening cake buffet.

Steph made a stunning bride and Jon scrubbed up pretty well too! The couple looked absolutely radiant and there is no doubt they had the perfect day. We would like to wish the new Mr and Mrs Haggerty all of the best for their future together!


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