Processing pinks

All of this sunshine has worked wonders for our crop of scented pinks and at the moment we are enjoying a large flush of flowers. Of course this does mean hard work for our pickers who are out in the sun baked fields trying to keep up! However the work load also increases inside, not one pink is sent from the farm until it has passed the scrutiny of our eagle eyed of our shed team.

The processing of the pinks begins as soon as the pickers bring in their bundles from the fields.The flowers are put in proconas (plastic boxes) of water and placed in the cold store. We also mix longlife solution with the water and the flowers are kept in the solution for a minimum of 24 hours. As the name suggests the longlife mixture helps to prolong the vase life of the pinks once they reach the recipient.

The shed team take a selection of pinks from the cold store, making sure they have a mixture of colours and varieties to sort. At the farm we use bespoke sorting boards, however before the pinks pass across the board each flower head is checked. This is to make sure the flower heads are not too open but it is equally important to make sure the heads are not too tight as we want the flowers too open fully for recipients once they arrive.

The stems are then placed on the board. The shed team check for insect and wind damage and any abnormalities. The overall length and strength of the flowers is inspected and finally any excess foliage is removed.

Once the sorters have a minimum of 5 varieties on their boards, a selection of the pinks are then tied in bunches of 10 stems before being popped in a presentation sleeve. Finally the ends of the pinks are trimmed and they are then placed back into proconas of water and into the cold store.

The pinks are then ready to be packed and sent to addresses across the UK.

If you would like to take advantage of our flush of pinks we are running a special offer. All you need to do is put offer code FP13 in the offer code box on the left hand side of our webpage and get 10 FREE flowers if you send a box of 40 or more to arrive on or before 20/7/13.


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