Special deliveries on a punt from Tresco

We’re delighted that our friend Nicola Christopher has contributed this latest blog to the Scilly Flowers website. Nicola, husband Alex and mother-in-law Maggie run Boro Farm on Tresco which, as well as producing strawberries and asparagus for restaurants and businesses across Scilly, supplies awesome quality narcissi exclusively to us here at Churchtown Farm…

Scented narcissi are often delivered to St Martin’s in Alex’s punt

Boro Farm has been providing Churchtown Farm with scented narcissi for the past ten years, although this is the first year that Alex and I have taken on the business full time (alongside Alex’s mum)  – since Alex’s father sadly passed away.  We’re grateful for the continued support of Maggie who works with me in the shed bunching and “sleeving” flowers that Alex hand picks in our fields.

We farm 24 acres altogether at Boro Farm – tending to 10,000 strawberry plants and 6,000 asparagus plants which we sell locally at our own farm shop, as well as to the Estate here on Tresco and to many top restaurants on Scilly.  We also keep limosine beef which have been top of the market over the last few years. And then, of course, we grow narcissi…

We grow three varieties – Paper Whites, Sols and Erli Cheer – and we’re proud that Churchtown Farm chooses us as a key supplier. This year we’ll supply them with narcissi from November until March. We wrap up the flowers securely and punt them across from Old Grimsby to St Martin’s when the weather is fit.  However, when we are faced with stormy weather, we put them on the “Lyonesse Lady” (the inter-island freight boat) to St Martin’s.

Nearly all our scented narcissi go to Churchtown Farm; the only exception is at Christmas when we also supply Tresco Estate.  We grow a variety of flowers all year including statis, iris and pinks to decorate their 96 cottages throughout the visitor season. We also make sure they are on full display in our own holiday cottages too!

We love working with Churchtown Farm. They are a fabulous family outfit and we so enjoy our special relationship with the whole team.  As farmers on Scilly we all need to work together and support each other to produce the best possible flowers.  It’s a full-time, full-on job – picking and packing during the winter months and preparing the fields during the summer – but we wouldn’t change it for the world.


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