Funny memories and fabulous photography to cherish!

Last week, we took delivery of 1,000 beautiful new photographs featuring our scented narcissi around Churchtown Farm and across St Martin’s. Looking through them all has brought back wonderful and funny memories of a crazy, windswept and rain-soaked photo shoot back in November!

Talented photographer Tamara Peel travelled from her home in Worcestershire and spent three days with us. You might ask, “Why didn’t we wait until the summer?”  Well, narcissi are winter flowers, and we’re all for being authentic. Additionally, winter light on Scilly is often incredibly atmospheric and in the three days that Tamara was with us, it didn’t disappoint.

Snap happy Tamara making the most of the winter light

Snap happy Tamara making the most of the winter light

A lot of planning went into the photo shoot – Zoe and Tamara discussed ideas and styling prior to Tamara’s arrival and then Zoe went off to beg and borrow props from friends and neighbours. In a community as small as St Martin’s we are very used to pulling together and helping each other out. True to form, lots of friends lent us locations, their homes, their animals, their farming equipment – you name it, we gratefully borrowed it!  Zoe even had to break in to a friend’s house – commando style, head first through a window – to use their stunning guest bedroom as a location whist they were on holiday. (Don’t worry, she did get permission first!)

With the inclement weather, there was much racing about dodging the rain, cramming photographic gear, props and people into the back of our van. It meant a few more indoor domestic scenes as a result, but when the sun did poke through the clouds we were out on the beach and beyond enjoying the incredible defused light photographing our beautiful flowers. And all the while we were armed with endless cups of hot tea and home-made flapjacks to keep our spirits up!

The resulting photos of that fun-packed weekend speak for themselves. We hope you enjoy these few – some showing Tamara and Zoe; others the end result – and we look forward to sharing many more of them with you over time.


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