Cows enjoy a turnip feast

It’s been a little while since we talked about our cows at Churchtown Farm.

They are all doing really well and Ding Dong, the visiting bull, is still with us for a short time longer.  We’re hoping he has serviced the ladies by now so he’s just biding his time before he heads back home to St Agnes.

Whilst we wait for the spring grass to come through, the cows have been strip grazing our left over crop of turnips. It took a little while for them to get the hang of what they were supposed to do with them, but they soon realised that turnip leaves are really quite tasty and they’ve also been kicking up the actual turnips and nibbling at them too.

We’re supplementing the turnip diet with haylage – which here on St Martin’s is very fragrant given the “herbiness” of the grass. The aroma of summer meadows when opening up a bale is just wonderful. And it seems that the cows love it too. Last week, we put out a couple of haylage bales in the field, one being noticeably herbier than the other.  They headed straight for the one that smelt the best and tucked in with great gusto!

The herd will be on the turnips and haylage for a further three or four weeksby which time the lush spring grass will be well and truly with us.



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