St. Martins in Spring

Scented narcissi are traditionally associated with spring but as the season begins earlier on the islands, usually by the end of October, it is also comes to a close sooner at the beginning of April. However as St. Martins begins to burst into colour there are plenty of other floral signs that summer is on the way. Here are a few of our favourite spring blooms.

This stunning blossom can be found in middle town.


Beautiful Calla Lillies begin to pop up in hedgerows, their elegant form is quite a contrast to the more wild looking flowers.

Calla Lillies

Patches of pink litter fields around the island as the Campion flowers come out.


We also begin to see clumps of what look like bluebells. However these are actually Scilla, a smaller cup like flower rather than the larger bell heads of the deeper coloured bluebells.

ScillaLocal flower farmer Henry continues to grow these gorgeous Iris.


As the Iris begin to go over delicate looking magenta Ixia come into season.


Whilst we are waiting for our summer crop of scented pinks to be ready to send we have the lovely Iris and Ixia on our seasonal spray bouquet. The perfect gift for those who would enjoy a little hint of Scilly spring in their own home.

Seasonal Spray

There is no doubt that spring one of the most glorious seasons across the country, but here is a picture that could only be of one place, St. Martin’s.

Spring Rainbow



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