Tales from the farm

Our pinks crop is nearly ready to send, this gorgeous bout of sunshine certainly has helped. But in the meantime things at the farm have been rather quiet. Here’s a candid look at life at Churchtown through the eyes of our lovely office manager Ruth…

In the shed Jeff has finally been called in to fix the lock on the ladies toilet so you can now visit the lavatory in peace and walk in without the worry of seeing anyone with their knickers around their ankles. The girls are very happy indeed.

loo lock

In a shock move Will has come back to Churchtown Farm as the gardener…this seems to mostly involve him lurking around in the bushes.


Neil has been thoroughly briefed on the window cleaning procedure although I don’t think he watched the instructional DVD – it’ll all end in tears!


In the meantime I am still suffering with a rowing related back injury and walking around like a robot causing major hysterics amongst the office staff. However they have remained professional on the phone and not allowed their constant giggling to affect their work…they are far too good for that!

Jackie cooked a big round brownie which went down very well indeed, the staff are eagerly awaiting her sticky toffee date cake which is due to make an appearance on Friday.

Ben and Zoe have just made a quick trip to the mainland for a little ‘holiday.’ Despite this pretence we have reason to believe that Ben might be taking Zoe to rehab. It has recently come to light that Zoe is suffering from a severe addiction to Tunnocks Teacakes. With only one shop on the island it is only a matter of time until they sell out and Zoe starts undertaking clandestine boat trips to St. Marys to get her fix.

large_1-1373297154-tunnocks02 copy

So there we have it, ‘exciting’ tales from the farm. Whatever could happen next?



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