It’s amazing what you can pack into a porch!

We’ve had some fun in the last few months re-doing our porch ready for summer visitors… it might not sound too grand but actually, it’s now become a rather lovely, and useful, space for those who like to pop in to see what we do on the farm – and of course order some flowers with a personal touch!


Make yourself comfy to write a note or view the DVD

We don’t do regular guided tours of Churchtown Farm but we’re really happy for people to come by and find out more about our flowers and year-round operations. We’ve developed a “self-guided guide” (as it were) – originating in the porch – to make it easy to take yourselves off for a look around!

In the fields closest to the farm, you can see our summer crop of scented pinks growing. From the porch, you can also spot the packing shed through the window and, at the right time of day, watch first-hand how the flowers are brought in from the fields, checked and carefully packed ready to be posted.

Also in the porch, you’ll find information boards that explain how the flowers get from our fields to customers’ doorsteps. There’s a DVD too showing what happens down on the farm in the winter months – in particular how we plant, grow and harvest our Scented Narcissi.

You’ll also notice some lovely new pin boards covered in Liberty print material that was inspired by Tresco Abbey Garden. On one, there are thank you cards sent from grateful customers; the other has a good number of nostalgic photos of the key moments in the life of the farm over the years. (You can date some of the photos easily through hairstyles and formal attire!)

There are also beautifully framed flower pictures by Sue Lewington that she painted for her book on Scilly Flowers as well as a little section for reference books so that we can do better when people ask us about local flora and fauna.


Sue Lewington’s beautiful flower paintings

Aside from the flowers, we’ve included a message board about our bovine beauties and all goings on down on the farm.

And finally, a very rustic and chunky table that we fell in love with but couldn’t quite squeeze into our own house is the perfect place at which to sit and hand write your message card if, having been inspired by the surroundings, you want to send Scilly Flowers to a friend or loved one.

It’s amazing what you can pack into a porch… so why not come and take a peak?


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