On the farm- Pulling out the pinks plants

Whilst we have very much enjoyed the hot weather this summer it has meant an earlier end to our pinks season. Our fields and tunnels have started to look a little bare now that we have begun pulling out the old plants.

Clearing the polytunnel

Clearing the polytunnel

Each crop of pinks flowers for two years and then the plants are disposed of. This ensures the flowers are of the best quality for sending to our customers. The way we clear the pinks has recently changed now that they are grown in coir tubs as opposed to grow bags.

The coir tubs are reusable

The coir tubs are reusable

Clearing the grow bags was a more arduous task as each plant had to be cut and the bags opened up. With the coir troughs the plants can simply be tipped out, this is much quicker and less labour intensive. The troughs also have the big advantage that they can be reused again meaning there is no plastic waste, unlike the excess polythene of the grow bags.

The coir used to grow the pinks plants in is a sustainable and renewable by-product of the coconut industry. Once the coir has been used for two years it can be used as a soil conditioner, adding organic matter to the soil.

The fields won’t be looking bare for long however. In a few weeks next seasons pinks will begin to be planted.


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