A sneaky peak at our new illustrations

Over the past year we have been working on our Scilly Flowers branding. You may have noticed in some places our logo has changed slightly, nothing too dramatic we have just been tweaking and updating what we already had. One of the ideas we have been working on was commissioning some illustrations to go alongside our photography in our adverts and on our website but how do you go about finding an illustrator that can do the job? – We certainly didn’t know where to start.

It turned out that there was a rich seam of talent just over water at Falmouth University which has a very strong tradition of art and design. We were put in touch with a number of recent graduates who were all starting out as illustrators. Choosing the right person was a daunting task as we didn’t really know what to expect from the process and all of their work looked excellent. In the end we took a leap of faith and chose Rachael Horner an illustrator whose work has a strong botanical theme and a simplicity we thought would work for the small ‘motif’ type illustrations we were looking for.

After studying in Cornwall Rachael has now based herself in East Yorkshire to start her illustrating career. Her way of working is very unique, combining painting and collage. We were concerned that it would be hard for Rachael to get a feeling for ‘Scilly’ having never visited and rather bombarded her with photos but we needn’t have worried. Rachael has been a real pleasure to work with, she rose to the challenge and more than fulfilled the brief. The only problem we have now is choosing only one or two to use in a project as we love them all! Below are a few to give you an idea of what you are likely to be seeing on our Scilly Flowers branding in the very near future.


Grey-BasketBrown-WelliesBrown-Tractor Brown-Narcissi-YELLOW


And We are not the only flowery people to have spotted this burgeoning talent, Rachael has recently completed some work for the Royal Horticultural Society, you can have look at that work on Rachael’s own blog.


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