About Scilly flowers

Scented Narcissi in blue jugHere at Scilly flowers, on the beautiful island of St. Martins in the Scilly Isles, we specialise in growing scented flowers which we are able to do outdoors, all year round thanks to our mild climate.

We sell all the flowers we grow and those of other island farms direct to our customers as gifts.  All our gift boxes of flowers are sent by 1st Class Post to any UK address.

Andrew and Hilary Julian moved to Scilly in 1987. They spent a year working alongside an island farmer and then invested their savings in the 27 acre Churchtown Farm. After a number of harsh winters and falling wholesale flower prices, they hit on the idea of sending gift boxes of flowers in the 1st Class Post.

In 2002 their son Ben and his wife Zoe took over the running of the farm. The business has continued to thrive and now sends out over 90,000 beautiful boxes of flowers throughout the UK every year.

In the winter we grow Scented Narcissi the traditional flower crop of the islands. We send the first of our narcissi crop in October and carry on until April. Then, from May to October we grow Scented Pinks, an old English summer flower with a subtle perfume, beautiful colours and long vase life.

On our small farm we can’t grow all the flowers we need so we work closely with other Scillionan flower farmers ensuring that they get a good guaranteed price for the best flowers that they produce. This helps to keep the Islands’ traditional flower industry buoyant and preserve the landscape of Scilly.

One thought on “About Scilly flowers

  1. I can’t rave enough about ScillyFlowers . I have used them for many years and they have always provided an excellent service and beautiful blooms . they always do what they say they’ll do . I’m a huge fan !

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